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Turn your child’s bedtime into a calm and soothing time with God. Little children love getting—and giving—hugs. Hugs generate warmth, affection, and a feeling of acceptance. Bedtime Prayers That End with a Hug! offers a fun and heartwarming way to end your child’s day. This padded hardcover book features 52 easy-to-understand Snuggle Time moment based on Bible themes, along with sweet illustrations, simple lessons to help children apply the Bible to daily life, memory verses from the NLT, and heartwarming bedtime stories. Each story wraps up with an opportunity for parent and child to share a great big hug!

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8 x 8 in.

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This is a sweet book that ties in a biblical concept with a little prayer relating to that concept. Each reading is short and sweet! My kids (3 & 5) like the "hug time" at the end. I had hoped that it would give more open-ended questions for helping kids pray their own prayers, but these prayers are sweet, too! I like this author's other books a lot but thought this one was just okay.

“Best of all, as a parent or caregiver, you are encouraged to help grow this habit of prayer by showing your love and affection in the form of a hug after each bedtime prayer! In this way, your child will learn the importance of regular evening prayer and also be encouraged by your embrace,” Stephen Elkins writes in his children’s book, "Bedtime Prayers That End With a Hug. " Part of the “Share-a-Hug!” series, this square padded hardbound book is one hundred and sixty-eight pages and targeted toward children ages three to five years old. Meant as a book to be read at bedtime by an adult to a young one, it promotes praying to God and showing love by hugging. Using mainly the New Living Translation of the Bible, other versions referenced are NIV, NKJV, ESV, NLV, NIrV, and NCV. Illustrator Zeglin’s designs are cute, colorful, and easy to understand. Divided into fifty-two topics each covering three pages, the chapters have a short Bible verse inside a heart at the top of the title page with a full color drawing and sometimes a short saying. There is a “snuggle time” paragraph about a current event or subject, followed by a Bible thought, a prayer, and nighty-night space. There are “hug time” instructions to give a hug, to whom, and why. Some topics included are prayers of God’s love and grace while others discuss being happy or joyful, having a good attitude, being kind, and sharing. More teachable subjects are about patience, being scared or afraid, obeying parents, changing bad habits, or apologizing. One example is a prayer called “Rule Over Rover” about pets which lists a Bible verse from Genesis and says to be kind to little fury friends. The “snuggle time” mentions a short story about a puppy named Rover. The thought from the Bible says God created all animals so we should take good care of them and the prayer is asking God to help us love His creation. The hug is to give the one who “rules over” their pet with love a great big hug. With the main goal promoting a daily prayer life in a young child, the adult reader may see God in a new light by quick remembrances to love and install hugging. However, children may or may not understand some of the topics based on their maturity and comprehension level. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in lieu of a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.