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Do you ever wonder if God has a bigger purpose for your life?

Do you find it hard to believe that God wants to use you to do something extraordinary? Are you struggling to figure out your purpose?

It’s time for an awakening.

Gerard Long, executive director of Alpha USA, was a rising young British athlete when he experienced the awakening that turned his life upside down and radically changed his heart. In many ways, he was on top of the world—he had a promising career, the love of a lifetime, and financial success. But while he knew of God’s love, he didn’t live from that love. God had a life-altering revelation in store for Gerard.

Awakening to God invites you on the same adventure. Gerard shares biblical truth and practical advice gained through his spiritual journey—a journey filled with incredible joy and devastating brokenness. Awakening to God compels us to go and live the abundant life given to us in Christ. To rediscover the gospel that calls us to action. To become fishers of men. To change the world.

God is on the move, and he’s calling your name.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

Exclusive Preview

An inspiring book for anyone exploring the adventure of faith!
Awakening to God provides some wonderful keys for every Christ follower to be empowered, envisioned, and equipped to reach family and friends with the wonderful news of Jesus Christ.
A great read for anyone interested in knowing God and joining with him in his rescue mission for men and women across the globe.
The early church turned the world upside down. With only a few followers of Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit, the gospel message of love and transformation spread like wildfire; it could not be contained or held back. What was the secret—the “Jesus way”—behind such a radical movement of the gospel? And what would it take for a spiritual renewal to happen today—in your church, your community, your world, and your own heart?

Gerard Long, president of Alpha USA, has seen that spiritual awakenings tend to occur when God’s people understand their calling and prepare through prayer, personal renewal, and action. In Awakening, he offers a compelling vision for a “Jesus way” of widespread spiritual renewal, equipping you to better love people into the Kingdom of God. You’ll become empowered to live the abundant life given to us in Christ—and step out in faith to fulfill God’s calling.