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Have you ever stopped to think, Maybe the Amish are on to something? Look around. We tweet while we drive, we talk while we text, and we surf the Internet until we fall asleep. We are essentially plugged in and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rather than mastering technology, we have allowed technology to master us. We are an exhausted nation. No one has enough time, everyone feels stressed out, and our kids spend more hours staring at a screen each week than they do playing outside.

It’s time to simplify our lives, make faith and family the focal point, and recapture the lost art of simple living. Building on the basic principles of Amish life, Nancy Sleeth shows readers how making conscious choices to limit (and in some cases eliminate) technology’s hold on our lives and getting back to basics can help us lead calmer, more focused, less harried lives that result in stronger, deeper relationships with our families, friends, and God.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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I ❤ this book! I borrowed Almost Amish from a friend last week and, though fiction it may be, I couldn't put it down! The message of the book is both purely Christian and purely green. No, those two are not incompatible; quite the opposite! After all, we're living on God's beautiful, amazing creation. Shouldn't we cherish it? Almost Amish is a simple, realistic guide to becoming “almost Amish” in whatever areas of life you choose. Reading it brought some heartwarming conviction to my soul, and didn't leave me there (thank goodness!). The author gives numerous, doable examples of changing your life and the lives of those around you for the better. The author, Nancy Sleeth, has a delightful, personable writing style. Besides all the tips that she's gleaned from her own lifestyle changes, she's also included some of her favorite recipes. I especially can't wait to try the Homemade Cinnamon Rolls recipe. This morning as I scrambled eggs and bacon, my hubby asked me, “Aren't you going to make those Amish cinnamon rolls, too?” Too bad we're out of yeast! ; )

This book is EPIC. It is a must-read for those who are stressed by our pace of living, but don't know what to do.