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Hunter Clarke wanted one thing for Christmas: to spend it with his dad and his brother. He misses being included in any guy trips since his parents divorced and he went to live with his mom. So he’s less than happy when his mother tells him that he won a contest to spend Christmas in West Monroe, Louisiana, with a family named the Robertsons. For some reason, they’re supposed to be a big deal. How did he win a contest he didn’t enter? Besides, he’s never heard of them and sure doesn’t want to spend Christmas in a swamp with a bunch of strangers.

Korie Robertson is excited to open her heart and home to Hunter and show him what the Christmas season looks like for the Robertson family. And like it or not, Hunter experiences it firsthand. From duck-hunting disasters with the bearded guys, to learning to cook with Miss Kay, Hunter quickly discovers what it’s like to live with this boisterous, yet loving family. Putting on his headphones and ignoring them is not an option. Before long, Hunter begins to let his guard down. But with Christmas and the end of his trip fast approaching, will it be too little, too late? Or will Hunter be open to the greatest gift of all?

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"Looking around at all of these people who were no longer strangers to him, Hunter found himself glad to be here. Glad for the connections he’d made. Glad not to feel so alone on another Christmas morning,” Miss Kay Robertson, with Travis Thrasher, writes of the visitor in her novel, "A Robertson Family Christmas." This three hundred and twenty page small hardbound targets those that would enjoy spending Christmas with the Duck Dynasty from television. With no profanity or violence except duck hunting, it would be apropos for young teenager to adult readers, especially viewers of their famed series. This reviewer wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. When seventeen year old Hunter Clarke’s mom enters his name in a contest to share Christmas with the famous Robertson family, he does not want to leave his limited life in Chicago to visit the celebrity family he barely recognizes in West Monroe, Louisiana. Having a mother that is too busy and a father who would rather be with his older brother, the awkward boy of divorced parents is over-whelmed with the large gregarious Southern clan. It is not that he feels unwelcomed by the loving Korie who sees her role as mother dwindling with her eldest son going away to college or Willie, a caring but jovial father figure. Grandparents Phil and Kay, Uncle Sid, and others contribute to the mayhem of holiday celebrations. Introverted, shy, and having no faith in religion or himself, Hunter sees the vast differences between his broken family and this ideal family that supposedly has it all together. Hanging out with bearded camo-clad rednecks shooting his first duck, learning to cook duck and dressing and Willie’s favorite crazy bread, or ruining a decorated Christmas tree, Hunter not only experiences a diverse unit of love and affection for one another, he senses God getting his attention by learning to accept himself. Although the novella is a quick read with an abrupt, predictable ending, it prompts one to look toward the real reason of Christmas – Christ’s birth. Portraying a perfect Robertson’s household, complete with bluntness, love, and silliness, the gang shows their enduring love to a lonesome soul searching for answers. * It should be noted that this reader has never watched the Duck Commander’s television show and knew very little about this eclectic family prior to reading this book. Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinions.

A ROBERTSON FAMILY CHRISTMAS BY KAY ROBERTSON w/TRAVIS THRASHER When I first read about this book I quickly scanned the summary and thought it said the Robinson Crusoe family celebrations. But I am also familiar with the Robertson family as our friends love to watch their series. We have viewed it for a few minutes at a time at their house as we don't get that channel. Sounded like a good read and was glad to get it to review. Starts out with Stacey and she'd entered a contest to send her son to experience Christmas holidays with the Roboertson family. She can't believe she won the contest! Now to break it to Hunter, her son who's lately taken it upon himself to not follow the house rules any longer and has been caught with drugs... Hope and pray and all she could do is thank God. Hunter arrives at the Robertson's and they make him feel at home but he's got a dark cloud over his head. So many lend him advice and some of it sinks in. He does start to be like the others after a time. So many things happen to him along the way. Great idea of not only hear Hunter's side to what's going on but Korie's side to what's going on as well. It makes you feel like you are there. Faith and hope and passages from others in the family preaching about the good Lord really fit into this novel. Glad I was able to read this book, shed a light on what the Duck Dynasty is all about-not what you see on TV. Love all the 'firsts' he's able to experience that will last a lifetime. Family traditions, old and new are treasures. Chapter headings have so much meaning! Mystery surrounding where Willie is during the whole book and what he's up to is funny. Beautiful story! Glad I'm able to understand the family and what they are all about. I received this book from The Book Club Network ( via Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.