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Do you have a vision for your life?
All of us need a compelling vision to live for. Scripture says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Today, so many of us are living on autopilot instead of engaging the battle of living up to our God-given potential. We lack a vision for life. Too often, we settle for less than what is best for us, our families, and our careers. We struggle with pinpointing our purpose in life.

A Minute of Vision for Men is an investment in a different sort of life—one with vision, purpose, and integrity. This book will help you connect with your purpose. It’s written so that you can start your day on the right foot, focused on what matters the most.

Start each day with a potent, daily dose of vision for your life.

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4.5 x 6.5 in.

Do you have one minute a day to invest in yourself? Pastor Roger Patterson looks at sports through a different lens and helps us learn about life, love, and how to be the man God created us to be. A Minute of Vision for Men is consistent with Psalm 32:8, instructing and teaching men in the way they should go. It is a must-read for every man longing to be better in the marketplace, at home, and in the fields of life.

A Minute of Vision for Men is a great starter to growing as a man of God. It will flicker the inner passion God has given you to grow in wisdom and your daily devotion to the Lord.

A Minute of Vision for Men is a strong tool to lead any man into spiritual growth in just one minute a day. These daily nuggets of wisdom speak to the real life of men in a very practical way. This devotional presents a daily thought with Scripture that is not intimidating or overwhelming. It gets to the point and speaks right to the heart. A must-have!

My walk and relationship with God is at its best when I am experiencing tangible growth and change on a daily basis. This devtional allows me to do just that in a way that I haven’t come across before. It paints imagery into my head that allows my time with God to be practical and real; it generates conversation with him in a way that makes me feel like he is sitting in the same room with me. This devotional allows me to take my time with God and really apply it to my life, and it has allowed me to daily see and feel growth and change in my relationship with Christ.

This is a must-read! The inspiration Pastor Patterson gives in these daily readings will start or end your day right and leave an epic impact on your life. This isn’t just for those seeking spiritual inspiration but for all those who need that little extra to enhance their day and their life. I won’t miss a day—nor should you. I pray this is the first of many more books of inspiration by Roger. Thank you for the inspiration!

A Minute of Vision for Men is a relevant daily devotional for all men. The compact daily readings are both motivating and inspiring, while at the same time they provide a challenging word. I would recommend this devotional to all men, regardless of their stage in life.

A Minute of Vision for Men is an exceptional tool for anyone who strives for daily excellence in their personal and professional life. It offers a short yet profound opportunity for reflection, guidance, and motivation, which are keys to success. Roger has done a tremendous job putting into his book an influence and charisma that until now only those of us who know him personally have reaped the benefits of.

As the pastor of the NFL Houston Texans, I’m constantly searching for resources that edify the spiritual warriors inside these modern-day gladiators I work with each day. Roger Patterson has met that need! He has developed a treasure chest full of insightful nuggets of truth that will enrich the minds of men who will dig into it.

Roger Patterson has done it! He has provided men with a short and simple way to start the day with a spiritual vision. His voice is authentic, and his message relevant. I urge every guy to read this book, one minute at a time, and give a copy to a friend.

Finally, a devotional that’s not just for the contemplative types! Roger Patterson’s new book, A Minute of Vision for Men, shows that any man, at any stage in life, can build a successful devotional life. With 365 minutes designed to give you greater traction in your spiritual life, this book helps men to think about, and see, the spiritual side of life. Pick it up, open it up, and invest one minute a day. You’ll be glad you did.