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No more waiting and hoping—Experience 4:8 thinking right now!
Drawing on the core message of the New York Times bestselling The 4:8 Principle, 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life is a fun and highly practical action plan providing readers with time-tested strategies and exercises for experiencing joy by design—God’s design. Fans of The 4:8 Principle will love the fresh format and timeless reinforcements offered in 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life, while new readers will be introduced to the life-changing power of The 4:8 Principle for the first time! All readers will benefit from the uniquely packaged inspiration and encouragement delivered in bite-size chunks for easy consumption and in a “sticky” style custom-made for easy retention and long-lasting joy.

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A friend and I are going through this encouraging book that walks us along God's path to a more abundant life through daily drills that are very effective. My friend and I can not afford a personal life coach, but this book is like the second best thing. We are doing our study of it over the internet by e-mail since we live across country from each other. I do hope many others will benefit from this book because we all need to see the joy God has given to each of our lives. What better time than now to recognize and take hold of it?