Whether around the world or around the corner, the New Living Translation is illuminating God’s hope and truth in the hearts of his people.

Go into all the world

The New Living Translation model is being used to translate God’s word in languages around the world, including Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaans, German, and Chinese.

Global Stories from Our Blog

Hungering for God’s Word

by Ellen Elwell, member of the Tyndale House Ministries International Team Did you know Tyndale House Ministries works with Christian publishers around the world to help minister to the spiritual needs of people in their own languages? Just a few months ago we were able to rejoice as the first Hungarian edition of the Inspire […]

Helping Others to Feast on God’s Word

by Laura Livingston, Resource Development Officer at Oasis International Have you ever been out to dinner in an exotic restaurant and the menu was incomprehensible?  I recently experienced that in an Ethiopian restaurant. If the hovering waiter hadn’t been there to explain to what the unpronounceable dish names referred, I would never have been able […]