Finding Joy amidst the Unknown

by Evie P., Bible Team Marketing Coordinator

In less than a week our house has gone from trying to figure out work schedules, concerts, carpools, playdates, birthday parties, church activities, volunteering at schools, and getting ready for Easter outreach to isolation. Even for the introverts this sudden turn has brought a huge change in routine. It’s caused confusion, stress, fear, anxiety, and wondering if our toilet paper supply will last. (Trust me, I know this is serious, but we still need laughter.)

In the middle of all of this, I am so thankful that we serve a God who is always faithful. He never changes (Hebrews 13:8). We can leave all our worries at his feet (1 Peter 5:7). And he is in control (the whole Bible really speaks to this, right?).

Not being able to talk to friends or those we love physically has led many of us to spend more time on social media to connect with each other. Sheryn tagged us in her Instagram post with her COVID-19 quarantine story. And it brought me so much hope and inspired me to use this time to be still and know that he is God! Read it and be blessed.

I am a single mom of a six-year-old girl, Keilah. Our entire country has been placed by our government under a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since I live in the nation’s capital, we are on “enhanced community quarantine” for at least a month.

This means almost everything is closed. The only reason we can leave is to get food, medicine, or to seek medical care.

With the schools closed, my daughter is at home with me. Usually I do my morning devotions alone after she has left for the day. I wasn’t going to let quarantine stop me from getting into God’s Word, so I opened my NLT Bible and started reading.

Usually, Keilah and I do devotions together before her bedtime, but that morning she plopped down next to me with her Bible in hand and said, “Can I read my Bible too?” So side by side we read together. She loved that we had the same Bible, but just different covers. What a joy to read it together.

Something good from this quarantine.

22 thoughts on “Finding Joy amidst the Unknown

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen our current situation as Satan’s way of stopping the church from gathering, but now I also see God’s hand at work shining through as he usually does during disasters (what Satan meant for bad, God means for good). It’s God’s way of giving the family time to reconnect and learn to be a family again, of giving us time to reconnect with Him and draw closer in our walk with Him, trusting Him to keep us safe or knowing that He’s in control of our future. It’s also bringing the countries together to solve a crisis and shining lights on those who don’t have our country’s best interest at heart. So instead of moaning our loss, we can be praying for others who are sick or don’t know Him and if you’re enjoying good health at home — enjoy the rest until the world starts spinning out of control again and we all get lost in our busy schedules once more. Giving us time to focus on God — isn’t that just like our Heavenly Father.

      1. Yes this might be Satan’s way, however GOD wants HIS Church to shine right now. We can by continuing to reach out to one another, call or write. But find GOD’S best in all of this, because all of this is under HIS capable plan for us. It is time to also “be still”. Don’t miss this time to turn to HIM with all heart, soul and mind.

    1. Thank you for asking! It is available on Amazon,,, and many local bookstores

  2. Our pastor conducts a service every Sunday on Facebook. He has 3 parishioners working with him to provide hymns, too. This next Sunday, he is setting up a place on u tube for all to see. He is a great pastor with a big heart. We know he cares for all!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have any children at home but I do have a husband at home . I am a retired school teacher so I work a few days each week. You might want to read these three Scriptures..,. Exodus 14:13 ( Moses tell the people to Stand Still; Ruth 3:18 (Naomi tell Ruth to Sit Still; Psalm 46:10 ( We are told
    to Be Still. These Scriptures have helped me during this Coronavirus attacking 🌎 (Like the Plagues down in Egypt when the Israelites we’re getting ready to exist 🌏🔥🩸🙏

    1. I am very much encouraged and I know our God will see us through. Isaiah 26:20 tells us all about this isolation. In this darkness, we will remember what God told us in the light. Let’s come together and pray for the world

  4. Our God is a great God. He has plans for everything. I love your daughter’s zeal for the word and I pray I can also train my children one day to be zealous in the word of God. Amen

  5. Hallelujah! God has and continues to make good come out of what the enemy meant for evil. We are so thankful for that. I also think that there is an opportunity we should not miss during this time. In Psa 139:23-24 King David asked God to search his heart and point out anything that was amiss so that he could repent of it. As believers we should do the same, asking the H.S. to show us where we have compromised and been in disobedience to God, and take action to repent. Once we do that, our testimony will shine more brightly in a dark world. We will also be in a better position to hear when God speaks to us and to see His power at work in and through our lives. Blessings to all!

  6. Today is anniversary of my Grandmother’s birthday. March 24 in 1886 And she lived till in the 1970’s
    Your story of Sheryn and her daughter reading the Bible together in the morning touched the memory Of reading the Bible together with her every morning whenever she and I or any of her grandchildren spent a week at her house during our summer holidays. That spot sitting next to her as she read and encouraged us to read along with her every day, was the safest sweetest place filled with the most comforting peace ( which I now recognize was God’s wonderful Holy Peace.
    She simply provided a place for her grandchildren to experience that. Her love of God’s scripture helped me throughout many difficult times and as we are isolated to protect ourselves and others from this COVID-19 of 2020 today for the 10th day, God’s Word still comforts and protects us. S Ranson

  7. Thanks for all the encouraging words of God’s unfailing love and comfort. I enjoyed each one. The story brought back sweet memories of my reading to each child from their bible before they went to bed. God’s blessings to all. Your sister in Christ.

  8. I have been encouraged and blessed by everyone ‘s comments today.Praying for God to continue to keep His hand upon America.Praying that the Blood ofJesus cover and protect us all during this very difficult time. I am determined to Walk by Faith and not by sight !!!

  9. All of this really touched my heart. We all need to be still and let God do his work in us. You know the devil is a lie and he is out there doing his evil works. He is trying the people of God. Long as we put God first in everything we do we can get through these last and evil days. God has us all in his warm and loving arms.

  10. God indeed is good all the time. He has turned all our attention to Him and to one another as human beings, something that has vanished from most of us. We had become too busy with our lives, but this virus is teaching us that we can have time for him. Suddenly, even governments are thinking about how to take care of the general population. How to ensure that people are safe and provided for. Let all nations praise you Oh God, let all nations indeed praise you!

  11. These are wonderful words that are encouraging.l thank God that there are people whose faith is alive despite the challenges of this time.Glory to God has a perfect plans for us .He can never share His glory with anybody and any situation cos He owns heaven and earth.

  12. I bless the Lord for the wonderful encouraging words I have received. God is omnipotent and He is in control of time and tide. Let’s learn lessons from what He is communicating to us through the COVID-19 experience. We cannot live in isolation, though we may be distant apart. We must continue to be our brothers keeper. The virus does not distinguish. It does not know colour, race, social status.

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