The Future of Bibles Begins

The Future of Bibles Begins

Introducing the New Filament Bible Collection


Since the beginning of time, God spoke. And through the course of history, his words have been chiseled, inscribed, painted, typed, printed, and digitized.

With Gutenberg’s invention of the moveable type printing press, billions of people have loved reading the Bible. Many have preferred a clear, easily readable Bible without accompaniments. Others have chosen study Bibles with textual notes, cross references, and other features.

Now, Tyndale is introducing the Filament Bible Collection, which combines these two cherished approaches in one Bible— readability and portability brought together with a wealth of study materials, devotional depth, and interactive visuals.

For centuries, this level of Bible accessibility, understanding, convenience and pure worship experience has looked like the future.

Now, it looks like Filament.

The Filament Bible Collection’s simple, printed reading Bibles are unencumbered by study materials. But simply scan any page of the Filament Bible with your phone or tablet and unlock a world of new understanding.

With the Filament Bible app, every page connects to verse-by-verse study notes, insightful articles, devotionals, interactive maps, videos, and worship music.


All this comes with a clear, uncluttered print Bible in an easy-to-carry size that you can put in a backpack or purse—at the same low price as other text Bibles.

Just point your phone or tablet at a specific page in your Filament Bible. The app will display curated content that helps explain and illuminate the Scripture passages on that page.

The Filament Bible Collection includes an assortment of beautiful, readable Bibles for any taste in color, cover, format, and text size—in the New Living Translation or the King James Version.

Arguably a Bible innovation as significant as Gutenberg’s movable type.


Learn more about the Filament Bible Collection here.