Children’s Pastors Conference 2022

Children’s Pastors Conference 2022

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Featured Resources

Browse these featured resources that equip you to share the Gospel with young children and teach them who they are in Christ. These resources also allow you to connect with the elementary school kids in your ministry, and provide tools for parents and caregivers to build hearts of compassion and empathy in their families.

Books & Board Books for Ages 0-5

Stock your nursery and preschool classrooms with Christ-centered, durable books that help lay the foundation for a lifelong love of Jesus. They also make great gifts for new families.

Ministry & Family Resources

These tools will help kids understand what the Bible is all about and memorize God’s Word. Families will benefit from books that equip them to have important conversations with their kids and prayer cards filled with a variety of prompts to pray for each day.

Bibles & Bible Resources for All Ages

Find Bible resources and the just-right Bible for use in your teaching time and for gift-giving occasions like graduations, Christmas, birthdays, and when kids new join your ministry.

Devotionals for All Ages

From preschool to family devotionals, there is something for all ages to deepen their faith walk each day.

Faith That Sticks Stickers

Kids love stickers and parents and teachers love Faith that Sticks! Activity books and stickers for your children, church, or ministry.

Books & Audio Resources for Ages 6-10

Christ-centered picture books, Bible storybooks and audio resources including the Dead Sea Squirrels series, the Flipside Stories, and Adventures in Odyssey books and audio.

Books & Audio Resources for Ages 8-12

Christ-centered chapter books, Bible storybooks and audio resources including the bestselling Red Rock Mysteries, the Winnie the Horse Gentler series, Kirby McCook and the Jesus Chronicles, and Adventures in Odyssey books and audio.

Books for Ages 13-18

Devotionals, book series, and a Bible for teens including The Epic Bible, The Sunlit Lands series, and the Creator, Father, King devotional.