17 Insights into African Leadership, Study Finds

17 Insights into African Leadership, Study Finds

There are many organizations, schools, and individuals in Africa with a passion for developing effective African leaders.

Eight years ago, the Tyndale House Foundation began investing in the Africa Leadership Study, a research project that identified influential Christian leaders throughout the continent.

The study gathered data from over 8,300 African lay leaders and pastors who have positively impacted their communities.

Because Africa encompasses a wide and multilayered diversity of cultures, languages, and ethnicities, the study surveyed leaders in Angola (Lusophone), Central African Republic (Francophone), and Kenya (Anglophone).

After much effort, expense, and prayer, the project is complete.

ALS data is now used for curriculum development, training materials, mentoring practices, and networking.

The Tyndale House Foundation is also using it to identify leaders who have been most effective and how to empower them with additional support.

The African partners of the ALS project are able to use the data to understand the patterns, practices, and programs of African leadership to plan for the future.

The research is now available online and the findings are scheduled to be published in a book next year.

The Tyndale House Foundation gives thanks to God for the work he is already doing in Africa and for the part they have played in the Africa Leadership Study.

Click on the image below to download 17 Insights into Leadership in Africa or download the Leadership Insights Infographic.

Insights Into Africa

ALS Infographic Cropped-min

To learn more about the Africa Leadership Study or to download data and resources, visit AfricaLeadershipStudy.org or click on the image below to view an interactive map.

ALS Map-min


Board Group

Africa Leadership Study conference in Kenya, 2013. Front Row, L-R: Ed Elliot, Nupanga Weanzana, Kalemba Mwambazambi, Robert Priest, Steve Rassmussen. Back Row, L-R: Evan Hunter, Daniel Crickmore, Michael Bowen, Mary Kleine Yehling, Jurgens Hendriks, Yolande Sandoua, David Ngaruiya, Adelaide Manuel, John Jusu, Elisabet le Roux, Kirimi Barine.


Congo Line-min

Africa Leadership Study conference in Kenya, 2013. The researchers and authors let loose after several days of hard work.


Leader Group

A group of students in Kenya who were the first to take and administer the Africa Leadership Study pilot survey in 2012.


LASB Group

A class in Lodwar, Kenya receive Life Application Study Bibles from Tyndale House Publishers.


Pope in Africa

Pope Francis prays on the campus of Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui (FATEB) in Bangui, Central African Republic in 2016.


Women with LASB-min

The Tyndale House Foundation continues to distribute Life Application Study Bibles all over Africa.