3 Simple Ideas That Make Bible Memory Fun!

3 Simple Ideas That Make Bible Memory Fun!

Do you remember trying to memorize by repeating or reading something over and over? This classic method, known as rote memorization, works for some kids, but as many of us know, it doesn’t work the same for everyone.

Kids take in information and learn in a variety of ways. And learning is especially impactful when it’s sprinkled with fun.

As a mom, I’ve watched my kids play and take in the world around them. This has been helpful in coming up with effective ways for them to memorize scripture. Here are three simple ways we’ve used. Feel free to use or adapt these for your family.

  1. Set the verse to a tune. I usually make up a tune to go with the verse and have my kids sing along with me. They love to sing. No pressure either. I can assure you these are not award-winning tunes I’m coming up with. Just simple tunes that will help the words stick. Some people like to set memorization to existing tunes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


  1. Have your child clap along with the syllables in each word while saying the verse aloud. Or do hand motions that correspond with the words. Kids who lean towards hands-on learning will benefit from the movement. It was amazing how fast my daughter learned her verses when she could move along with the words.


  1. Write out the verse and draw pictures to go with as many words as you can. Have your child help you come up with pictures to represent different words and then look at the pictures together while you say the verse. This creates a nice visual that is easy for kids to recall when they are trying to remember the verse later.


There are many ways to memorize. This is just a jumping off point. Use your kids as a guide to what works, and doesn’t work, and adjust along the way. And don’t forget to have fun!