14 Reasons We Heart Bible Journaling

14 Reasons We Heart Bible Journaling

We could go on forever about how much we love creative Bible journaling. It’s so much more than coloring or drawing or expressing our faith—it’s worship! It’s our personal response on the page to what God is doing in our hearts. As you may know, Bible journaling has become a deeply treasured devotional practice for many. It is drawing people into Scripture like never before. Journaling Bibles are not the ones sitting on shelves collecting dust. Scripture is being read, meditated on, studied, prayed over, colored, embellished, and responded to! God speaks to us through the Bible, and faith is strengthened, wisdom is gained, truth is proclaimed, wounds are healed, minds are transformed, relationships are mended, hurts are forgiven, hearts are surrendered, courage and strength grow, and so much more! God’s LOVE is flooding into hearts as people meditate on his Word, and God’s Truth is spilling off the page and out into the world!

We invite you to indulge in the 14 reasons why we LOVE Bible journaling! We also invite you to try it for yourself. You might discover you’re a lot more creative than you think, or it might open up a whole new way to read and engage with Scripture that radically transforms your time with God! One thing is for sure: God’s word never returns void.

1. The Bible was written for you and me to read and study and learn from. Bible journaling is a fun way to respond to what we’ve read. God’s Word is living and active!

2. God speaks to us through the Bible, and no matter how many times we’ve read our Bibles, there is always a fresh word or perspective or learning. No two journaling Bibles are ever alike.

3. Bible journaling is an act of worship and can even be done in community!

4. Being creative in our Bibles draws us deeper into God’s Word and helps us REMEMBER truths that we learn so we can apply them to our lives.

5. It’s 100% meaningful; time spent in God’s Word never returns void.

6. It’s a creative process that calls out the creativity God gave you. You were made in his image. He is creative, and so are you!

7. It’s a unique way to study God’s Word. We can express ourselves to God and discover God’s truth in a new and exciting way.

8. It’s a great way to share your legacy of faith with your children or grandchildren and can even become a family tradition.

9. It encourages time in God’s Word.

10. It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be meaningful.

11. It’s a way to reflect our heart to our Creator and to respond to what God is doing in our hearts through his Word.

12. Bible journaling is COLORFUL! Our colorful Bibles are beautiful reflections of our time spent in God’s Word! We can go back to them time and again and revisit the pages we’ve journaled for encouragement and as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

13. We are INSPIRED by God’s Word!

14. It’s FUN!

There are lots of journaling Bibles available—there is something for everyone! Download some sample pages and try a few to see which one resonates with you.

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