When God & Grief Meet
Lynn Eib

Chapter 1 “Trusting the Magnetic Poles of the Earth”

1. Share about a time when grief distorted reality for you.

2. Do you believe God has a special affinity for the brokenhearted? Why or why not?

3. Do you consider God’s Word as the “compass” giving direction to your life? Why or why not?

4. What do you hope happens as God meets your grief?

Chapter 2 “Feeling Your World Fall Apart”

1. Share about the day your world fell apart.

2. How have you and others in your family grieved differently over the loss of your loved one?

3. Did you ever feel as if your loved one’s death might have been punishment from God? Explain.

4. How have you been able to reconcile the two seemingly contradictory notions that God loves you and yet He let your loved one die?

5. Do you agree or disagree that you will never “get over” grief?

Chapter 3 “Finding a Friend Who Understands”

1. Share about a friend who understands your grief.

2. How do you sense that God understands your grief?

3. Does it help to know that Jesus went through “the whole of human experience” (see quote from Dorothy Sayers on pages 30-31)? Why or why not?

4. How would you like God to show His love for you today?

Chapter 4 “Preserving a Memory No One Can Steal”

1. Share something special about your situation that makes your grief especially difficult.

2. Do you feel as if grievers shouldn’t laugh or be happy? Why or why not?

3. Have you found any tangible ways to memorialize your loved one?

4. Are there ways you are learning to trust God more? Explain.

5. Share a special joy you had with your loved one.


When God & Grief Meet
Lynn Eib

Chapter 5 “Being Held Up”

1. Share an insensitive remark someone made to you about your loved one’s death.

2. Which do you need more of: love inside (from God) or love outside (from friends)? What would this look like?

3. Do you feel you’ve experienced Satan’s attempts to “steal, kill and destroy” in your life? Explain.

4. Describe someone who was a “Titus” to you and encouraged you when you were discouraged.

Chapter 6 “Comprehending the Incomprehensible”

1. Share a time when you “forgot” that your loved one had died.

2. How have you experienced God’s strength getting you through things you didn’t think you could face?

3. If you are past the first anniversary of your loved one’s death, what did you do that day and how difficult a day was it?

4. What Scriptures have given you comfort in your grief-storm?

Chapter 7 “Surviving the Imperfect Storm”

1. Share something that has been a “grief trigger” for you.

2. Have you tried associating a different, more positive memory with a painful one? If so, explain. If not, how might you try this?

3. Has your grief been more intense than you expected? Explain.

4. What is something you are thankful today?

Chapter 8 “Throwing Rocks at God’s Windows”

1. Share a question you have for God about your loved one’s death.

2. Have you found any answers to your questions since your loved one’s death? Explain.

3. How have you found or not found peace with your unanswered questions?

4. How have you experienced God’s “unlimited resources . . . empower[ing] you with inner strength” (Ephesians 3:16)?

Chapter 9 “Comforting Like No Others”

1. Share how your grief has changed.

2. How have you been able to comfort another griever?

3. Have you experienced depression like Katya did? Explain.

4. How has the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, comforted you?

When God & Grief Meet
Lynn Eib

Chapter 10 “Wondering What’s Next”

1. Share a dream for the future you had that died with your loved one.

2. Is there a Scripture you have prayed for yourself concerning your grief? If so, consider sharing it.

3. Have you sensed any new direction for your life? Explain.

4. Is it hard or easy for you to believe that God can “create new things out of nothing” (see page 125)? Why?

Chapter 11 “Hoping for Heaven”

1. Share what you think Heaven will be like.

2. How is grieving different for the believing?

3. What do you think of Randy Alcorn’s descriptions of Heaven?

4. Have you experienced Melina’s hope: “the love and protection that comes from Jesus Christ” (see page 136)? Explain.

Chapter 12 “Going On before Us”

1. Share a way in which you’ve seen God walking ahead of you through your grief-storm.

2. Is there a particular time of day and/or season of the year that is most difficult for you? Explain.

3. Discuss the difference between “faith” and “belief” as Jennifer Kennedy Dean explains it on page 146.

4. Have you ever tried to run ahead of God? What was the result?

Chapter 13 “Continuing On When It Doesn’t Seem Possible”

1. Share a time you hit a “brick wall” in your grieving.

2. Have you been able to surrender all the “whys” of your loved one’s death? Explain.

3. Which part of the Serenity Prayer do you most need to put into practice in your life?

4. How have you been able to continue on by faith and not by sight?

Chapter 14 “Knowing When to Relax”

1. Share a time when you felt “calm” even in the midst of your grief-storm.

2. What is your reaction to the Dave Sheldon story?

3. Are you usually too still or too busy?

4. Do you agree that knowing God is better than knowing anything else? Explain.