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Mike Nappa

Mike Nappa

Mike Nappa is a practical theologian known for writing "coffee-shop theology" and thoughtful Christian living books. A bestselling and award-winning author, he's proud to be a person of color (Arab-American) who is active in Christian publishing.

Mike has written Bible commentary and articles for,,, and, as well as church resources for all ages. He's also authored Bible study books, Christian Living books, devotionals, VeggieTales comics, children's picture books, a few suspense novels and, well, much more. Millions of copies of his works have been sold worldwide, and his books have been translated into many languages such as Turkish, Korean, Spanish, German, and others.

Mikey holds a Master's degree in Bible and Theology from Calvin Theological Seminary, a Master's in English from the University of Northern Colorado, a Bachelor's in Christian Education from Biola University, and a Credential of Readiness from Harvard Business School.

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