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Loreane Tomlinson

Loreane Tomlinson was born into a rural life on the outskirts of Marlin, Texas. The small house she shared there with her parents, three sisters, and a brother lacked many modern conveniences. But the children were raised on the Bible, strong discipline, and a lot of love. These principles forged a strong drive in her that she carried into her adult life.

However, the simple country life Loreane knew and loved did not prepare her for the changes she would face while raising her own three children, Londria, LaDainian, and LaVar. Especially when LaDainian's love of football catapulted him into the position of superstar running back of the San Diego Chargers, taking her with him every step of the way. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to be on television programs like 60 Minutes, or to be making commercials for the likes of Campbell's soup and Visio, or to be giving countless interviews to radio stations and publications like Sports Illustrated.

Loreane currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, is an ordained minister, and dabbles in real estate. One of her happiest roles is that of "Granny" to her six grandchildren. Still LaDainian's number-one fan, she adds the title of author to her résumé as she presents her first book, LT & Me.