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Caleb Smith

Caleb Smith is the 16-year-old visionary behind Peacebunny Island, an animal sanctuary where he trains rescued rare breed rabbits to become comfort animals. His business includes a fostering program that has involved nearly 500 families; the Peacebunny Unit that brings therapy rabbits to visit seniors at assisted living homes and hospices; and a responder program to help people who are dealing with loneliness, trauma and grief, including at crisis situations and in juvenile justice facilities.

Among the rescued bunnies there are 12 rare heritage breed rabbits including the American Chinchilla.

Caleb is also founder of STEM Bunnies programs under the umbrella educational nonprofit called the Peacebunny Foundation that gets kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while playing with rabbits. He lives in Minneapolis with his mom and dad and a colony of rabbits.

Peacebunny Island Book Trailer