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Amy Meyer Allen

Amy Meyer Allen is living her dream of writing and illustrating children's stories using her cute, colorful characters called "Humble Bumbles." Over 300,000 copies of her Humble Bumbles Baby Journal have been sold to date. Amy graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland at College Park with a BA in advertising design. She is also a certified Precept Bible study teacher and CLASSEMINAR certified speaker. Amy's passion is to share how God's powerful Word can transform lives, both young and old. Amy and her husband, Tim, a retired naval CEC officer, have testified on The 700 Club to how God redeemed their lives and marriage. Amy is also a regular contributor to a spiritual life blog on Thankful to be living near the mountains of New Mexico with their two beautiful daughters, Amy and Tim love attending Calvary of Albuquerque church where they sit under the gifted Bible teaching of Pastor Skip Heitzig. You can find Amy's artwork on and Amy and Tim's testimony on