Frank Viola & George Barnas Pagan"s Christianity
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“Thanks for Attending Our Virtual Book
Tour... We Invite You to Continue the
Dialogue by Getting the Book and Your
Bonus Chapter”

--Frank Viola and George Barna, Coauthors of
Pagan Christianity?

Dear Friend,

We are so glad you've decided to join the dialogue about Pagan Christianity? Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices by asking us a question and listening to our answers during the "Virtual Book Tour."

Now we invite you to go deeper by getting and reading the book for yourself. We deliberately titled the book with a question mark because we want to encourage more thinking on this topic. In fact, we also include a "Delving Deeper" section of questions and answers at the end of every single chapter.

We encourage you to study this book with other people in your church. We trust that as you read and explore prayerfully, with an open mind and heart, the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, as Jesus promised. Please visit for a FREE guide, keyword Pagan.

Besides your own copy of the book, we want you to have a special bonus chapter we wrote for people who have listened to the Virtual Book Tour. It is called "The Four Dimensions of the Church" and we believe it will further your understanding of what Christ intends the church to be.

Your brothers in Christ,

Frank Viola
George Barna

What Church Leaders are Saying about Pagan Christianity?
Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices:
“Most contemporary Christians are massively ignorant as to how the church got to where it is today and how much current church practice is due simply to accumulated tradition, with little or no roots in Scripture. This book provides a useful service in peeling back the layers of tradition, showing the origins of much that we today call 'church.' Christians who want to be biblical, faithful, regardless of their particular tradition or church form, can learn and benefit from the book.”
Dr. Howard Snyder
Professor of history and theology of mission,
Asbury Theological Seminary;
author of fourteen books, including The Community of the King

Pagan Christianity? contains a wide variety of interesting and helpful historical information of which most Christians—or non-Christians—will be completely unaware. The book identifies—in part or in whole—the pagan roots of many of our current church practices, as well as indicates some borrowed from earlier Jewish or, occasionally, more recent customs.”
Dr. Robert Banks
New Testament scholar and theologian;
author of Paul's Idea of Community and Reenvisioning Theological Education

“Why do we 'do church' the way we do? Most folks seem to assume that our Christian religious trappings can be traced all the way back to the first century. But they can't. The things we hold dear—sacred buildings to meet in, pulpits, sacramental tables, clergy, liturgies, etc.—were unknown among Paul's assemblies. Pagan Christianity? looks at our major church traditions and documents when and how they appeared in the ages long after the apostles. Haven't you ever wondered why people dress up in their best clothes for the Sunday morning service? Pagan Christianity? unfolds the answer to this and numerous other questions looming in the back of many folks' minds. Reading Pagan Christianity? Will open your eyes to the fact that the ecclesiastical emperor really has no clothes on.”
Dr. Jon Zens
Editor of Searching Together

“This is an important book that demonstrates that many of the practical aspects of contemporary church life, ministry, and structure have little or no biblical basis and are, in fact, inspired by a wide variety of non-Christian patterns and ideas, most of which are inimical to Christian life and growth. Many readers sill find this book challenging in the extreme, but all who are concerned with the future of the church should read it.”
David Norrington
Lecturer of religious studies at Blackpool and The Fylde College;
author of To Preach or Not to Preach?

Pagan Christianity? documents specific areas where contemporary church life violates biblical principles. Whether you agree with all the conclusions the authors draw or not, you will have no argument with their documentation. It is a scholarly work with an explosive conclusion. Particularly for those of us in the modern cell-church movement, this is a valuable tool to force rethinking the meaning of the word ecclesia.”
Dr. Ralph W. Neighbor
Author of Where Do We Go from Here?

“Anyone interested in the worship of the New Testament church and how that was altered through the centuries will find Pagan Christianity? very useful. The authors' passion is clear and quite well documented.”
Dr. Graydon F. Snyder
professor of New Testament (retired), Chicago Theological Seminary
author of Ante Pacem: Archeological Evidence of Church Life before Constantine