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Ronald A. Beers
Ron Beers has worked at Tyndale House Publishers since 1987, serving as editorial director for books and Bibles, as well as editor-in-chief; he currently serves as senior vice president and group publisher. He has written or cowritten more than 30 books… Read Full Bio
V. Gilbert Beers
V. Gilbert Beers has been writing and developing Bible reference materials for more than fifty years. Gil began his publishing career as editorial director at David C. Cook Publishing Company in the early 1960s, developing its children's curriculum. Later… Read Full Bio
Douglas J. Rumford
Dr. Douglas J. Rumford is senior pastor of the innovative Colonial Presbyterian Churc in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of several books and has written numerous articles for such publications as New Man magazine, Moody magazine, Christianity… Read Full Bio
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