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Employee Profiles
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> Alan
Dir, Marketing Services, 18 years of service
> Beth
Art Director, 24 years of service
> Brittany
Production Artist, 1 year of service
> Jennifer
Senior Designer, 8 years of service
> John
Vp, Operations, 13 years of service
> Katara
Acquisitions Director, 6 years of service
> Kevin
Special Sales Representative, 6 years of service
> Mark
Designer, 11 years of service
> Nicole
Graphic Designer, 0 year of service
> Paul
Executive Vp, 11 years of service
> Rob
Account Management Coordinator, 2 years of service
Employee Profile
Dir, Marketing Services
, 18 years of service

THP: What first attracted you to Tyndale House Publishers?
Alan: Having come out of nonprofit ministry, I was looking for a company that combined sound business practices without losing the ministry impact.

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