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Employee Profiles
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> Barry
Senior Art Director, 13 years of service
> Claudia
Marketing Manager, 3 years of service
> Dean
Senior Art Director, 13 years of service
> Eric
Intl Pub Coord, 4 years of service
> Jon
Copy Editor, 7 years of service
> Michael
District Sales Manager, NE, 6 years of service
> Pam
Sr Credit Services Rep, 15 years of service
> Scott
Picker/packer, 3 years of service
> Sharon
Communications Manager, 13 years of service
Employee Profile
Intl Pub Coord
, 4 years of service

THP: What first attracted you to Tyndale House Publishers?
Eric: Tony Dungy. I read Quiet Strength in college and was impressed with the themes and message of the work. After checking Tyndale's website and realizing the different authors they published, I found myself…

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