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“Dinesh D'Souza does a great job of defending the faith in response to the charges by atheists Dawkins and Hitchens.”
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What's So Great about Christianity
Is it reasonable to have faith in God? Can intelligent, educated people really believe what the Bible says? Or do the atheists have it right—has Christianity been disproven by science and discredited as a guide to…
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 Centralia book trailer
Rachelle Dekker talks about her debut novel, The Choosing
700 Club talks with Joel about ISIS, terrorism and The Third Target
Joel talks about his novel The Third Target with Shannon Bream on Fox News Headquarters
Annie's Stories trailer
DiAnn Mills talks about her FBI encounters 
Randy Singer on location in Rome talking about The Advocate
The Auschwitz Escape :30 sec book trailer
Joel talks about the Holocaust from Auschwitz (short trailer)
What is the Fight About?
 The Sentinels of Andersonville by Tracy Groot
Damascus Countdown-Syria trailer
Damascus Countdown trailer
Wil Mara on location
Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales trailer
In Broken Places trailer
Borders of the Heart trailer: Chris Fabry
The Last Temple-trailer
Last Plea Bargain, by Randy Singer
Not in the Heart, by Chris Fabry
Shadow of Your Smile trailer
Left Behind Changes Lives video trailer
Tehran Initiative :30 trailer
Forsaking All Others, Allison Pittman: Book Trailer
Randall Wallace: The Touch Interview
The Tehran Initiative: Joel Rosenberg Interview
The Witness, book trailer, by Josh McDowell
Why Did You Write The Fight?
Francine Rivers: Her Daughter's Dream book trailer
About the Prison Ministry
Denise Hildreth interview: Hurricanes in Paradise
Is it true The Fight took 10 years to write?
Crossing Oceans, by Gina Holmes book trailer
Joel Rosenberg: 12th Imam trailer
Love Idol: You Are Preapproved
What are the traits of a secure girl?
I'm No Angel: Message to Girls
TrueU: Is the Bible Reliable?
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