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Author Bio
Denise Hildreth Jones
Denise Hildreth Jones

Denise Hildreth Jones has spent the last eight years writing fiction that has been hailed as both "smart and witty." Her ability to express the heart of the Southern voice has led to her being featured twice in Southern Living and receiving the accolades of readers and reviewers alike, but it is the simple joy of writing stories that keeps them coming. Denise is the author of eight novels and two works of nonfiction—Flying Solo and Reclaiming Your Heart.

She makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband, five bonus children, and her dog. And on her days off, she will settle for a long walk or a good book and a Coca-Cola.

Visit Denise's website at www.reclaiminghearts.com.

  • Denise Hildreth Jones
Denise Hildreth interview: Hurricanes in Paradise
Introduction: Reclaiming Your Heart
Session 02:  The Performing Heart 
Session 03:  The Disappointed Heart
Session 04:  The Controlling Heart 
Session 05:  The Critical Heart
Session 06:  The Shamed Heart
Session 07:  The Angry Heart 
Session 08:  The Fearful Heart
Session 09:  The Weary Heart
Session 10:  Living with a Reclaimed Heart
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