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Author Bio
Kevin Malarkey
Kevin Malarkey

Kevin Malarkey is a Christian therapist with a counseling practice near Columbus, Ohio. He attended the College of Wooster and earned a graduate degree from Ohio State University. His academic background includes studies in clinical psychology, psychological assessment, and family counseling. Kevin has previous experience developing educational programs, assessing psychological disorders, and counseling inner-city youth and their families. He and his wife, Beth, have four children (Alex, Aaron, Gracie, and Ryan) and attend a nondenominational evangelical church. They enjoy spending time together playing board games, going to the zoo, finding new playgrounds, and exploring parks and recreational areas.

"Sometimes I have no clue what to make of Alex's supernatural life—I have no theological box to put some of this stuff in. But everyone who has taken the time to get to know Alex agrees: he is a remarkable boy on whom God has placed His hand for His purposes." —Kevin Malarkey

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